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Welcome to the Happy Chaos Clothing blog!! We are SOOOO glad you're here! :-) I'm Charity, the designer behind all of the creative stuff you will find here!! A little about me... I love Jesus, I love my sweet Hubby and my FIVE amazing little ones! I also adore just about everything creative, however clothing is my first love in design... Catching a vision of what every child should be... FREE! Our clothing line is created with the sound of giggles and the sight of twirls. Free to be me... as every single child should be. You will find lots of fun stuff here to get those creative juices flowing! :-) So grab some hot tea, pull up a chair and prepare to be inspired!! ♥ Hugs!
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How our FB Auctions work

Facebook Auctions explained... ♥
Here is the scoop on how our FB auctions work...

The general consensus is that everyone really likes and wants me to keep doing these auction style listings... the problems are that it can get confusing at the end if a few people try to bid all at once... my idea is to avoid the ebay type sniper auctions (which I myself am guilty of doing) I really want everyone to be able to keep bidding until the bidding is done... the "two min. window" is sort of my way of saying going once... going twice... SOLD! lol! This is my auction style. Everyone can keep bidding until everyone is all done bidding... does that make sense? You know, like Storage Unit Auctions... lol, come on... you watch it dont you??? lol!

SO, here is how it will work to keep it fair and clear...I will be posting... GOING ONCE... and then waiting 2ish min. GOING TWICE... and then waiting 2ish min. and then SOLD. SO, sort of like you are actually AT a fun auction! (the ish on the 2 min. is because I am human and a Mom who could at any moment have up to five little ones crawling all over me ;-) ... and it is hard anyway on FB to do exactlfy 2 min) :-) Any comments that come in after the word sold will not be counted. If two bids come in at the same amount the first of the two will count. The winner will be the high bidder BEFORE the word sold is posted.

Saying that... my heart is that I want to have the BEST customer service found... I want my customers to be my friends... I want to be a blessing to them and am SO thankful to them for being a blessing to me! I really mean that! You guys are the BEST! :-) I love you all BUNCHES!!! ♥

Blessings & Hugs,
Charity <><

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  1. I LOVE your auctions! And, even though I haven't won one yet! I think it's great that you do them and how you do them!!! Great work!!!